In the end it's all about the print.

A picture is only a picture when it is on print. At least it is to me. The colour, the tonality, the size, the place and so many other factors convey the emotion the photographer had in mind. Four years ago I had the opportunity to briefly meet Douglas Menuez on the Innova booth at Photokina. It was a nice encounter where we discussed prints, print quality, the difference between silver prints and inktjets, and all kind of technical stuff. Now four years later Douglas writes about his continuous search for the best possible print. He says:

"So the challenge is lessened but is essentially the same: to make prints that move us emotionally. It’s about the image, but also the print as object, as a beautiful delivery system for the subject matter. The choice of substrate says as much about the photographer as the content of the work and can affect our perception of the photograph as subconscious filters. To each their own of course, but I finally found mine; the look and feel of silver. Can’t beat that."