Be Part Of Your ART!

Be Part Of your ART is about you. An intimate, personalised portrait is created for anyone who wants to be part of a unique and timeless piece of ART.

You can play the central role in two kinds of art


Wall Art

Typically Wall Art consists of an enlargement or multiple smaller frames making a whole.

Inspiration can be found in the galleries and stories or we can create a totally new and original concept with you as a direct or indirect part of your Wall ART.  We have a large collection of books and illustration that can trigger great concepts.

Together we'll cover every step of this project (like timing, location, make-up, styling, props, additional models, ..) so that all expectations are met.


With SHE we create a story spread over 3 shoots. A in studio, a walk through a city of your choice, and a third shoot in a location of your choice. 3 occasions to show a part of you in a different way, in a different dream.

Wall Art starts at 895€ whilst SHE starts at 1.645€. The total budget is known before the shoot and includes all expenses and wishes you have. All prints are printed using the latest material on museum graded photo paper or metallic sublimation techniques.

From start to end

Creating an ART piece together with you is what I love to do. For me there are a few distinct steps that make the end result:

It all starts with an idea. The what, how, where. The creation of the concept. 

The concept leads to the shoot involving location, make-up, mood, light.

The fotoshoot gives room for experimentation, expression and living the concept. It's after the shoot that the selection of the pictures taken will make story.

How the story is told depends on the development of the pictures selected. Old or new, B&W or color it all makes a difference.

The feel you get when looking at the pictures is influenced by the medium chosen. The type of paper can make a big difference in perception. But also presentation influences this. Large or small, framed or not, intimately in a book.

Each step of the process is important. Each step ensures your ART piece reflects your dream and makes it shine.